Basement Drop Ceiling is Down

 YES!! Finally. It's no longer there. We committed to it without really thinking about it, just wanted it down. Which is fine with me. Without it there we'll have added 3 - 4 inches of height in the basement.

(If you're wondering what's on television, it's a Formula 1 Grand Prix)

But it's funny because Bimmer Man and I are fairly short people. I mean, even when I wear heels, I'm still pretty short so adding inches doesn't really make a difference to us.
 We only have to worry about one return air vent.
And the cables for the television.

Hurrah for no plumbing pipes in the family room in the basement! Woo hoo! We can sheetrock, get in the recessed lighting and we don't have to worry about access to random pipes. That's the best news ever!

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