Bad News

The Rusty MONSTER went to the vet today.

She declared him FAT. He's 7 pounds overweight. So um, looks like he's going on a diet! HAHA! The 60 pound MONSTER that we adopted is FAT (actually, I'm sort of happy about that because he was in AWFUL shape when we got him - fleas, hookworm, and a botched neuter...).

So um, yeah, not to mention that he has horrible allergies and has an infection that requires a month's worth of antibiotics, so needless to say, it was a bad vet visit.

In other news:

I'm in a wedding this weekend so I've been super busy catching up with work, the MONSTER, yard work and much, much more. Not really blogworthy. Well, except the new curtains in the living room. I'll take a pic tomorrow.

I've been an awful blogger. Sorry. Life got in the way.

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