Couch Crush

Cooper Sofa from Jayson Home and Garden

And a little bonus image to inspire:

Again from Jayson - Colonial Display Cabinet

The Magical Boot Trays

From Bed, Bath and Beyond - $7.99

 Bed, Bath and Beyond Animal Shaped Bootscrapers - $29.99 each

I saw this one at Target today - $24.99 from Smith & Hawken

I need to get two boot trays - so spending $50 or $15? Tis the question to be asked... Plus I still have to get the rocks to fill the trays so the water and mud dripping from our shoes dries faster.


First Frost In Minnesota

 It killed nearly everything except some geraniums. Or maybe they're something else. I don't know. They're annuals of some sort.
And the fake flowers (yes, the previous owners put fake flowers in these boxes and I was too lazy to change them). And the sedum and hostas by the composter.

Now, I just have to rake the leaves into the garden beds and we're all set for winter!


Rusty, In a Nutshell

 So, here's Rusty. He's starting to go gray on his chest. Poor bastard, he loves to flirt with the ladies.
 He's really quite a pompous dog. He's arrogant, which you can see here. He sits for photos and KNOWS I'm taking pictures of him.
 And totally raises his nose to me. Yes, he really does.
 And then he'll turn his head like a model does. Really, he does all of this on his own.
Maybe he should get a job as a dog model.

The New Back Post Light

The back of our house is dark. And frankly, it was sort of scary. You know, shadows and all. So we knocked down the porch, replaced some boards, tore down the awful bench seats and we were left with:

Not much.

But our new light is AWESOME, thanks to Bimmer Man. No phone calls to 911 were necessary.

So here's the before:

Yep, it's like a ginormous gumball sitting on a post.

To the after:

And yes, Rusty is in a down-stay and actually staying put for me. Must've been some awesome rabbit poop to eat by him. So much better than a gumball on a light post.

Happy Friday!!


Menu For The Week

Today's Lunch: Leftover Crockpot Beef Stew

Today's Dinner: Roasted Potatoes with Thyme, Baked Chicken of some sort

Tuesday Dinner: Shrimp Scampi with Linguine

Wednesday Dinner: Most likely pizza

Thursday Or Friday Dinner: Broccoli & Cheese Soup with Homemade Beer Bread

Thursday Or Friday Dinner: Either leftovers or Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Tomato Soup


Wedding! MINE!

I don't think I've ever really shared any of my wedding pictures. Today I'm a bridesmaid in a very good friend's wedding and I'm so happy for her.

So I'm going to share some of my wedding pictures.

And yes, this photo of our friends sort of sums up the copious amounts of fun friends and family that we have. Goofy, hilarious and we always have such a great time.

Happy Saturday!


Basement Drop Ceiling is Down

 YES!! Finally. It's no longer there. We committed to it without really thinking about it, just wanted it down. Which is fine with me. Without it there we'll have added 3 - 4 inches of height in the basement.

(If you're wondering what's on television, it's a Formula 1 Grand Prix)

But it's funny because Bimmer Man and I are fairly short people. I mean, even when I wear heels, I'm still pretty short so adding inches doesn't really make a difference to us.
 We only have to worry about one return air vent.
And the cables for the television.

Hurrah for no plumbing pipes in the family room in the basement! Woo hoo! We can sheetrock, get in the recessed lighting and we don't have to worry about access to random pipes. That's the best news ever!



 The fatty. He's so lazy. You give him the option of sleeping or doing something else, he sleeps.
At least he's mellow.

The Living Room Updated

 New curtains. Ignore the crap. My book club had a swap and I have three things left to take to Goodwill.

1. New rug - Ikea for $19.99
2. New plain white curtains - Ikea $14.99 per pair
3. The yellow walls, I painted. Woo hoo!!!
4. Ignore the book on the rug. It's to make it lay flat.
 Living room from the front door.
Please note:
1. Ignore how low the picture is. We have plaster walls and I've neglected to raise the picture for this reason alone. Plaster is a pain in the ass to work with, hang photos, etc...
2. Also ignore the GREEN DREAM MACHINE couch. It's old as dirt and unfortunately we're not getting rid of it quite yet. We had a sewer problem and then the water softener conked out so the couch is on the backburner.
3. Ignore the piles of crap due to my laziness of not cleaning up in awhile.

And no, you cannot see the entryway because, well, it's dirty and I have to clean and move some rugs.

So yeah, it's still a work in progress but whatevs... slowly but surely we'll have a put together living room in maybe another year or so.


Bad News

The Rusty MONSTER went to the vet today.

She declared him FAT. He's 7 pounds overweight. So um, looks like he's going on a diet! HAHA! The 60 pound MONSTER that we adopted is FAT (actually, I'm sort of happy about that because he was in AWFUL shape when we got him - fleas, hookworm, and a botched neuter...).

So um, yeah, not to mention that he has horrible allergies and has an infection that requires a month's worth of antibiotics, so needless to say, it was a bad vet visit.

In other news:

I'm in a wedding this weekend so I've been super busy catching up with work, the MONSTER, yard work and much, much more. Not really blogworthy. Well, except the new curtains in the living room. I'll take a pic tomorrow.

I've been an awful blogger. Sorry. Life got in the way.



I feel like I got hit by a truck yesterday.

Nope, not sick. Just too much yard work.  Digging up rocks, planting bulbs, hauling dirt, hauling compost. YUCK.

But now I know the magic of Tiger Balm.

Holy buckets does it work. It's like I got a deep tissue massage.

BTW, Groupon workers... I need a massage so please send out a spa groupon soon.

So, um, yeah... that's why there haven't been any posts lately. My arms barely work.