30 Day Challenge - Day 6

20 of my favorite things:

1. Diet Mountain Dew

2. Quaker Chewy Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip granola bars
3. Zyrtec
4. Irish Setter puppies (also, I refuse to post an image of them because I don't want anyone buying from a BYB, there are a few available in rescue, try petfinder.com or saveoursetters.org)

5. Flowers and gardening. Love it! I love growing my own, so relaxing and easy.

6. Flip flops.

7. Donkey Beach in Kauai
8. A car that runs. Bimmer, get your car fixed.

9. The new Gopher Stadium
10. The Gophers actually winning a game.

11. A great pair of jeans (from Banana Republic, please)

12. The moment when I'm finished with a long run and I realize that I could've gone another mile or two.

13. When Bimmer Man gets home before 7 pm

14. The smell of lavendar

15. Cooking. Just the process of chopping veggies and the immediate scent of garlic when you throw it into the pan. Smells like home.

16. Apple Crisp with vanilla bean ice cream

17. Bed. I love sleep.

18. A down comforter

19. Freshly Swiffered floors

20. A really good book

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