Soups To Make This Fall

Cheddar Ale Soup

Curried Pumpkin Soup - I think I'm actually going to make this week because I have pumpkin and I really like having some sort of soup in the freezer at all times.

Southwestern Tortilla Soup

Wild Rice Soup

I'm so excited for Fall soups! I mean, I like summer and all, but I just need a change in diet. Especially since I went to the State Fair yesterday and ate:

2 Pronto Pups
Cheese Curds
Chocolate Chip Cookies & Milk
Buffalo Bites
Onion Rings

Yep, I really did eat all those things. But I shared with Bimmer Man. He's pretty good at sharing and so am I. Especially since I'm sure the caloric content equals a week's worth of food! I get to go back tomorrow and pick up a painting that we bought too. Super excited! It's going in the living room! Oh, and I'll get to have fajitas since I forgot to eat those yesterday!

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Jenn said...

Is it weird to say that I'm excited for all the soup weather that is to come?