Patio Furniture... The Saga

Ignore the messy table. Ok, I know, I can't either but I just took the picture when I was letting out the MONSTER.

Now, picture tile floors with a jute rug and some really nice low end tables... with picture perfect books on them... you know, picture something that's not my house with this furniture!
See that Christmas Cactus on the table? What do you do with it in the summer? I think I'm going to try putting it in the basement and shocking it into dormancy and then bringing it back upstairs in the Fall. Do you think that will work?
And now the story.

I bought it online at Sears. There were only 4 in stock in the area. Went there to make sure it was still there. It was. Then I checked my email. The order was canceled. Then I got a phone call, my furniture had disappeared. Someone sold it.

So a few phone calls were made and I ended up going to a Sear's north of the cities and buying the furniture and taking ALL THE CUSHIONS to ensure that no one could buy the furniture. And then we had to borrow a big truck.

So in a nutshell, this set was an absolute PAIN IN THE ASS to get. It better last a really dang long time.

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