Birds of a Feather

Round Owl Magnets, $11.95

Blue Bird Earrings $28

Owl Salt & Pepper Shakers $5

Little Blue Bird Notes $11.95

Vintage Bird Duvet and Shams, starting at $109

It's almost that time of year where birds fly south. I was hesitant to get a bird feeder this year, but now after seeing gorgeous butterflies and bumble bees, I think I'll get one for next year. I'll have to figure out how to keep the squirrels away though! Birds are inspiring and freeing and beautiful, even though sometimes they might shit on your purse.

I remember quite a few years ago, I was with my mom and my nephew in Catalina (or maybe Mexico, at this point I can't remember) and we were waiting for a train to come when all of a sudden a bird pooped on my mom's purse. It was hilarious. And I never stood underneath power lines ever again.

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