Wall Plaques

Positive Thought Plaque $14.95

Yep, I grew up in a home where my mother always had wall plaques. I sort of like them. At the moment I'm trying to find one of my french wall plaques that I somehow acquired from a great aunt. I think. Maybe.
Vintage Carpet Beaters, Set of 5 from Pottery Barn $79
And I sort of grew with stuff like this on the walls.

With a VERY HEALTHY DOSE OF ROOSTERS. Katie, how many roosters have you bought Mom????

Ceramic Rooster $79.00 from JC Penney

In fact, one time on vacation in Mexico there was a rooster like this in a shop. It wasn't for sale. And yet somehow, it ended up on the plane with us, peeking its scary, ugly head out of the overhead compartment. Weird to have to tell your seatmate that its not really yours, since, you know, its in your possession and all.

Next time I'm at my moms, I'll count the roosters. And maybe buy her a ceramic chicken instead. Liven up the collection a little bit.

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