Patterned Curtain Panels

Bohemian Panel from Patina $29.95

I'm looking for curtain panels for our living room right now. It's kind of a pain in the butt. Our living room is a buttery, summery yellow color (which means that I'm thankful it will seem bright and airy even in the dead of winter), however it makes picking out curtains hard.

I want a pattern.

Something with brown.

Maybe teal or blue.

Maybe green.

Argh. Let the frustration begin.

Firenze Embroidered Panel from Ballard $179 - $219

Oh, did I forget to mention that they can't be too expensive like the ones above?

Audrey Drape from Pottery Barn $79 - $109
And these are a little TOO floral, well, no, just too much blue...

 Pier 1 Brightman Window Panel $45

Richloom Cornwall Garden $16.98 per yard (yes, I'd make curtains myself...)

Anthropologie Lakari Curtain $208 - $268 (um, way out of my price range, but still a thought...)

Meh... I don't know. I mean we bought the house, it's not like we're leaving in a year so I can take my time to pick stuff out, but still... I like stuff put together.

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