Friday To-Do List

1. Read some of my current book: All Together Dead (Original MM Art): A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

2. Paint my toe nails.

3. Come to the conclusion that yes, conditioner is a better shaving cream than actual shaving cream (in other words, shave my left leg).

4. Water Shirley-the-Neighbor's flowers.

5. Finish the laundry

6. Organize and put away the laundry, particularly: find matching sheets/pillow cases

7. Make some sort of grilled chicken quesadilla for lunch

8. Furminate the dog.

9. Clean the dining room floor. Ugh. I think I will have to get down on my hands and knees too, otherwise the Swiffer WetJet leaves some sort of film. Gross.

10. Maybe stop and get some mixers for vodka (huh, fun weekend for McTatty/Bimmer? Yes, hopefully)

11. Go out to dinner with Leah and her hubby (so Bimmer and Leah's husband know each other from college, Bimmer and I met at a frat party. But that's a whole new post).

12. Stir up my compost bin.

So I guess my Friday is going to be a fun filled adventure.

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