Flies Have Sex Too

So the past two weeks have been fly haven in our backyard. But if you can identify these bugs and tell me they're not flies, then you win. I might send you something special (how 'bout a pic of them doing it?).
The foliage is pretty much gone. They ate and ate and ate and ate it all away.

And then started going at it. I know there's a natural order to this, but seriously, it's my backyard. And they're ruining my pretty vines!
Yeesh. There's more than three bugs here...
And lots more couples here...

So um, if you've ever dealt with this, what did you? Do you just let nature take its course or do you do something about it? I don't know, I've never dealt with this many bugs in my backyard before.

P.S. Feel free to laugh.

P.P.S. If you like bugs, come on over.

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Nicole said...

Those look like June bugs/ Japanese beetles. You need a Bag-a-Bug. They look like green bags, and you just set them out away from the plants. My mom has used them before. Just be sure to empty or the rotting bugs will smell.