Cork Board Cabinet Organizer

Sigh. The microwave. Just ignore how dirty it is. I know. I know. Just follow along with the FlyLady and clean your appliances every 15 minutes. Whatever. I don't do that. I just sort of, well, wipe when necessary.

The cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, which I really like. There's a TON of storage, though, now I can't reach it (Hey, Bimmer Man, can I just go get myself another footstool? Thanks...).

However, we also have a small fridge so it gets cluttered easily. I decided to just, well, go for being organized for a week and put up the corkboard. I only have pics of it half up because I got distracted (like now, I have pasta sauce on the stove which I'm supposed to be watching, but I'm not).

And now enjoy the lovely organizational zen which comes after being organized for about 30 seconds.

Ok, now I bought the corkboard at Target, used the two sided sticky thingys that came with (supplemented those with my hot glue gun) and fitted the pieces with straight edges (happened to be two cook books). I cut the cork board with regular scissors too.


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Anonymous said...

Love the new corkboard!