Broken Glasses

Don't you hate odd glasses? So these are the glasses from Pier 1 that we got as a wedding gift. They're so pretty, the color matches everything that I have in the kitchen (think teal, lime green and white...).

However, they also break easily. Or maybe Bimmer Man is just heavy handed. I don't know.

At this point I think we have 5 glasses left out of 10. And we've been married for three years.

So, anyone want to recommend any good drinking glasses?


dm said...

I have a small drinkware problem, and own approximately 8 full sets. (not an exaggeration, sadly)

My current faves for every day use are these:


Anonymous said...

My Pier 1 glasses break easily too. I think we're down to 4 out of 12, in 4 years.