Outdoors is Coming Along Nicely

Sort of. With the help of free plants (Um, ok, so LOTS of annuals) we finally have some color in our backyard. I'm not sure what everything is, but instead of green and dirt there's now white, purple, pink and blue flowers.
This lily is in our front yard (you can see the Shasta daisies in the lower left).
More lily with the shasta daisies. We have front garden beds that are in retaining walls (if that makes sense), however the people that lived here before us didn't really do anything with them. I'm slowly cleaning them up, putting in perennials and will be moving stuff around. There's too many Hostas and not enough of other stuff. Go figure.
And the Bee Balm is coming alive. It smells so good. In fact, yesterday I saw three butterflies.

I need to have a butterfly garden next year as long as I can find sunny spots to put flowers in!

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Anonymous said...

It looks lovely! Great job! Oh and the Rust Bucket looks happy, healthy and handsome!