10 Random Facts About Me Today

1. My fingers are always caked in dirt thanks to the garden beds.

2. S'mores Crunch Popcorn from my sister is making my butt bigger...

3. However, I ran 4 miles yesterday and will run 4 more miles tomorrow.

4. Totally disappointed in Mich Golden Light for changing their cans. They used to be ribbed, now they're not. Dang it.

5. Rusty peed on my tomato plant.

6. Rusty also peed on my other tomato plant.

7. Bimmer Man will be a racin' fool this weekend (yes, a 24 hour long race... go Bimmer Man!).

8. Go Heather the Teacher. You got a ring on your finger and I can't wait for Saturday's party. BTW, do you read this?

9. Love me some Photoshop and I'm super proud of my latest engagement session.

10. I burp fairly loudly. In fact, at work I burped so loud that someone standing outside the window turned around to look at me.

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