Gross. Just Gross.

When you buy an old house, you sort of expect some things to be needed to be done. One of those things is painting.
Like the walls, very easy to prime and paint, like the rear entryway.
But when you prime with bright white paint next to a ceiling that you thought was white, it totally grosses you out. I don't think this ceiling has been painted since the house was built in 1949. Gross.
And even grosser. I think it's mostly because it's next to the kitchen and who knows what cooking oils, grease, grimy hands and what else you can think of has touched this ceiling.

Spending the time to clean, prime and paint the grossest ceiling ever has totally been worth it. BUT, dripping and running gross dirty grease running down the ceiling, not so great. I went through a lot of rags, a lot of degreaser and vinegar to get this ceiling back to clean. Yuck.

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