Scarpetta Becomes A MOVIE!!??!!

What? Yeah, that's what I thought too! Finally, the beginning of Patricia Cornwell's novels will turn into a movie and I've been trying to figure out who will be playing Scarpetta!

Well, it's not Scarpetta, so don't go getting your panties in a bunch.

Lifetime is making the movies and it's about a D.A. and her favorite detective that work on a case.


And that's ok with me. I haven't read the last few because honestly, they're getting way too unbelievable and I'm not about to fund her crazy ideas anymore. If I get the hunch to read them, they'll come from the library.

But I do have the links to the trailer and Lifetime's page where it looks like there's even going to be a sequel. And honestly, I think I want Scarpetta movies to be made with Andie MacDowell anyway!!

Goodread's At Risk Trailer

Lifetime's At Risk Website

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dm said...

They are making a real movie though, not based on any particular book where Scarpette is still a CME and will be played by ANgelina Jolie:



it's only in development, but it has to be better than Lifetime can do, right?