Inspire Me. Please.

So I've got a new book to read (The Girl Who Played with Fire (Vintage)) and I want to read The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Vintage). I have a few books on my plate and I've heard they're awesome reads. I can't wait to sit out in the porch and read them. Or maybe outside, but it's raining today so probably not outside. Anything good on your Summer reading list?

Book club book for April, well, that I'm not quite sure of yet. I haven't gotten any emails from anyone hosting the next book. Maybe I should volunteer again?

But I do need some inspiration in the kitchen. Why?

Because I bought blackberries, that's why. What can I make with blackberries besides muffins? Bimmer Man loves muffins but I get sort of bored making them because I have the recipe memorized.
(I found a recipe for Blackberry Breakfast Bars, image thanks to the Dallas News to go along with the recipe, gotta give credit to whom it's deserved, BTW). I shall take my own pictures of blackberries once I actually cook them. Or maybe just eat them.

Oh, and I also have won ton wrappers and more tomato sauce than ever thanks to a trip to Sam's Club.

So um, yeah, about those blackberries...

P.S. This post was going to be about Patina burning down in Edina and me losing my weekly fun window shopping trip, but whatevs. Blackberries seemed more important a few minutes ago.

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Katherine said...

What about a cobbler or buckle made w/ them? Or ice cream! Or you could put them in a salad w/ spinach.

Now I want some blackberries!