Hemming The Drapes, What A Chore

Here's the living room curtains. Eventually they'll go into the guest bedroom because I like them better in there, and I've been too lazy to buy anything (Ok, actually I have no idea what I'm going to do, I'm looking for inspiration still) for the living room that I really like. They still need to be hemmed because the dogs step all over the puddle of curtains on the floor and get their noses in between the curtains to open them up to watch the neighbors.
So here's the length of them hemmed. Much better than a puddle of curtains on the floor collecting dog fur and mud.
Ahhh... no more gasps of breath wondering if the next dog step is going to pull down your plaster walls...

Hemmed curtains = a sigh of relief.

And it took me an afternoon to do one set because I can't measure correctly. However, I've learned from my mistake so next time it will only take me half an afternoon to hem curtains.


Whosyergurl said...

I have hemmed curtains, before. First, I pinned them up, while sitting in the floor, then sat in the floor and hemmed them.
Yeah, puddles of curtains and animals don't mix.

Nicole said...

I take care of too-long curtains (it is if they're not extremely too long) by just moving the curtain rod up if there is room. Oh sill dogs making everything difficult. ;)

Danielle and Clint said...

O goodness! I feel your pain! I feel like I can't have anything nice because of our furry babies. They look great, though!