Odie for Pet Project Rescue

So my house is sort of a pit after the goon, Odie. He was our temp foster for the weekend and a typical Golden. He didn't care that he was all muddy, nor did he realize that I had just steam cleaned all the carpets. Odie is about 2, 3 or 4 (well, we're not exactly sure yet) and is from Pet Project Rescue. He knows sits and just wants pets and attention! Odie came from a home with 9 other animals.

Yes, 9 other animals. Because of his previous home, he does need to be fed in a crate and have toys in a crate because he thinks that other dogs will steal his toys.

Generally though, he loves to have something in his mouth, he'll bring you shoes, socks and whatever is laying around. He'll also play fetch and adores laying on the couch. And yes, we let him on the couch to snuggle!

Here's a few good reads to get ready for Odie or any dog in general:

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