Eh, I never know what to get for book cases. However, I really like this one from Brocade Home. But just don't look at the price, at least it's on sale for $699.

I'm awful at organizing books. I mean, Bimmer organized the book shelves in the office but we do need SOMETHING in the living room to show off our "coffee table" books (Um, Law in America sounds boring but with pretty pictures, right? At least my East Asian Art History book is covered in pretty red fabric). I think that if I had open shelving, then I'd be forced to organize by size or color.

Who is good at organizing books and how do you do it? Also, any good recommendations for buying a book case? Besides Target? Please?

BTW - we have over 100 books, EASILY.

Also, if you have a Nook or a Kindle, please share your thoughts. I'm tempted to save up for one, but I love the look of books on shelves in my house. Honestly, having books lying around makes me feel smarter...

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Anna said...

I usually organize shelves by type (so I have a non-fiction shelf, a romance shelf, a para-normal fantasy shelf, my favorite fantasy authors shelf, etc.), then I organize by size, starting on the ends and working towards the middle. If you have wider books, put them all on one side of the shelf, organized by height, and the narrower books starting on the other side. I do have one shelf where all the books are the same height, and those are organized by author's last name. :)