Help Find Me A Pasta Sauce

With no tomatoes.

I mean, I have a six month supply of tomato sauce, but I'm craving something NOT tomato for this week. It can be alfredo or carbonara... or plain olive oil but I'm just not feeling the inspiration that I need for when I go grocery shopping (either in my pantry or at the store)...

So, what are some good recipes with no tomatoes?

Go ahead, leave a link! I'll give you some good stats! (I'm known for leaving a webpage open while I cook, so if you have Google Analytics and you notice someone looking at one page for like an hour, that's probably me... I give GREAT stats!).

Yep, or if you know it by heart, leave it in a comment. I just need some inspiration!

Thanks fantastic readers, friends and family!


Nicole said...

Haha, I don't have any good recipes. But I do give your marinated pork good stats. Nick loves the recipe, and we make it kind of regularly. I leave your site open while I'm cooking. :)

Jessika @ Secret Pie Shoppe Bloh said...

I LOVE this pumpkin pasta - we just had it for dinner. Yum!