Here's Some Link Love

So I'm big into reading blogs and I don't think that I could ever live without my Google Reader. So I'm going to list a TON of blogs and websites that I think are pretty cool and awesome and actually give you insight so here goes:


Digital Photography School - Learn lots of awesome tips & tricks along with the basics
Jasmine Star - Just awesomeness of inspirations and photos and whatnot...
Shine Pet Photos - I want to photograph animals like this. Oh, yes, I do...


Alpine Berry
Bread + Butter (Hi Jenn!)
Eat Me, Delicious
Half Assed Kitchen

Do you notice a theme here? There's Pioneer Woman or Smitten Kitchen (I love them both, but I feel like everyone reads them, am I not correct, here? I'm trying to broaden horizons...)

Ok, and more food:

What's Cookin' Chicago - Joelen's Culinary Adventures
Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen


Apartment Therapy
Design Style Guide
Design Sponge
Young House Love

And the fun stuff:

People of Walmart
My Husband is Annoying
Not Always Right

You know whatever... this is my usual list of reads during the day along with either D-Listed or Perez and then the local MSP headlines.

Happy reading!


Anonymous said...

LOVE not always right! I work in tech support, it gets me through the day sometimes!

Anonymous said...