Read Anything Good Lately?

So I've been reading these Gourmet Girl series books and they're positively awful. The writing is terrible, I've been skipping a lot of pages but I just keep reading them. Isn't that horrible?

I know, I should be glad that I'm reading SOMETHING because I feel like reading has been slacking lately, not to mention some of the horrible books I've been seeing at the bookstore lately but in any case...

I've read these because they come with recipes. I just didn't have enough time to go through all the recipes at the library when I was there so I just brought the whole series home with me. Let me tell you - a girl who barely works, dates a hottie chef that cooks for her and lives off of a trust fund - that's the sweet life but she's fairly boring to read about. It's the typical mystery, someone dies and she plans on investigating but oops, the killer just fell into her lap. Eh, whatever.

The recipes in the book however, are a completely different story. I actually want to eat them.

So, in short, just read the recipes and skip over everything else. The recipes were created by an actual chef, so no worries, not just an author making up some absurd recipe to go along with being killed by a food processor!

Have you read anything good lately that you'd like to recommend?


Brie said...

Hey Patty! I really like this cookbook: http://www.amazon.com/Anyone-Can-Cook-Step-Step/dp/0696232936 - you should try it out sometime. Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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