Animal Rights - My 2 Cents

Generally I try not to blog about my life in too much detail. But this I have to blog about.

Where I work, I take animal abuse complaints and then send someone out to investigate the complaints. I love my job. I hate my job to hear about people that do horrible things to animals. Yes, I take calls about horrid monstrous actions that people do to animals.

And after just seeing the trailer for Earthlings, I don't think I'll ever eat meat or buy leather ever again.

In fact, Bimmer Man & I were arguing over a leather couch. No more leather couches. He can have the fake suede, but definitely no animal hide will ever be in our house.

After hearing and watching all of this, I'd just like everyone to hug their pets, family and fishbowls and remember that animal abuse can be prevented and stopped. (Overpopulation of pets can also be prevented by spaying/neutering your pets!)

Report animal abuse and neglect to your humane societies and animal control. If you see something, please don't be afraid to report it, it's anonymous.

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