When I Get Bored...

I crochet!
Well, kind of. I mean, I'm in the middle of making a blanket that I accidentally made way too big (so it'll take me awhile) and I need a break from that. Generally if I want a new hat, mittens, socks or a scarf I just make them myself. Trying to be more sustainable and keep my creativity.
We're moving and I need to clean. I only have microfiber cloths and I need something that could really scrub my pots and pans. I had some cotton leftover (though it's kind of bright) and so I made my own scrubby.

It'll only took an hour, mostly double crochets, then I made a border of single crochets to make it stronger.

No, I will not post my crochet items all the time. I think that would get boring.

Does anyone have any hidden talents that I don't know about? Like crocheting? Or knitting? Do you make anything fun that you could share with me?

(Did you know that I crochet?)

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Nicole said...

I think I might have known you crochet. I know one stitch in knitting and have been working on a scarf on and off for a couple years. I used to do colored pencil drawings. One won 2nd place in a state wide competition and someone offered to buy another one. I've made candles before, and now I'm thinking of picking up soap making. I was the kid with an entire closet of craft stuff who took all sorts of art classes in high school. Oh, I used to weave too. Yeah, I can't just pick one thing. ;)