Salmon with Mushrooms

I love fish. If I lived near the ocean or near a freshwater lake, I think I'd be catching my own dinner several times per week.

I know that several people are afraid of cooking fish, but don't be. It's so easy and simple once you recognize when your fish is done cooking (when it flakes easily with a fork).
Simple seasoning - salt, pepper, olive oil and just a smidge of paprika.
Same for the sauteed mushrooms (salt, pepper, olive oil). But, add the salt in to the mushrooms after the mushrooms have browned a bit. You don't want to drain the mushrooms of their moisture.
Then saute or pan fry the fish or whatever on the stovetop. The pan should be at medium-high, then when flipped, drop it down to medium. In the picture above, the fish only needs about 1 more minute - just enough to be cooked through and still nice and flakey.

Start cooking skin side first, you want that side the crispiest (It's not that you eat the skin, it's just that you need the skin to hold the fish together so it doesn't fall apart when you take it out of the pan and put it on your plate).
Yum. You could even top with dill. That's a fabulous compliment to salmon.
Oh, fish... I love fish. I could be a pescatarian too.

Just try it. It's good, I promise, you'll love salmon!

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Jenn said...

Salmon and mushrooms prepared in a simple way. Both go really well together. Yummy!!

I could go pescatarian, but I love meat too much to give it up. =)