An Old Favorite Revisited

A long, long time ago I blogged about Ina Garten's Parmesan Chicken.

And this time I didn't have parmesan but I did have mozzarella.

Bimmer Man's first taste of parmesan chicken was actually mozzarella chicken.

And so, I think I'll probably make this again with a variety of cheeses.

Unfortunately I'll probably be on a bit of hiatus the next week or so (or maybe I'll post about the adventures of moving across the country with a dog, an extra car and who-knows-what-will-happen).

Alas, make parmesan chicken. And try it with mozzarella. You may be pleasantly surprised!



Jenn said...

I think I've only had the mozzarella version too. I've got to try this version. Plus, I love Ina Garten.

Tangled Noodle said...

I'm pretty good with any kind of cheese on chicken - parmesan, mozzarella, swiss . . . I'm catching up on my blog reading and you're putting me to shame with your cleaning! I finally cleaned the stovetop which had a couple of weeks' worth of crud on it. Now, I get to start all over!