Dining Room Chair Inspirations

Hmm... after watching HGTV as much as I do, I just have to post some dining room chair inspirations. Really, I do.

Because I can't decide if we should eventually buy fabric or wood or what. If you have upholstered dining room chairs, how often do people spill on them? How hard are they to clean?

I have to be practical. But not too practical, you know...

I love upholstered dining room chairs, but I'd hate to clean them if there was a spill (especially a red wine spill!).

None of my inspirations exactly match. But we don't have a house - so I don't expect them to until we have an actual space to decorate! HA!
Super cute Pottery Barn Tolix Cafe Chair $225 (Ack! I don't want to spend that much on a chair!)
And of course I can't forget anything from Anthropologie. The Bachelard Chair $298

GAH! Wonder how much money I'll have to save up for a dining room table!

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