The Indy 500

No, this year we're not going but I just have to attention whore for a minute.

Last night we went go karting in Indianapolis. On Pole Day.

With Townsend Bell. And most of the Indy Lights racecar drivers. Let me tell you, you'd never think that you'd walk into a go karting place and see what you think is a bunch of high schoolers just playing around when they're actually pro racing drivers. And they were nuts on the track! Seriously, they'd bump into each other, brake check and slam each other into the wall. And their times were amazing.

But since Bimmer Man has been doing driving schools, his times were around the same as the pro drivers.

Hmmm.... Interesting, right????

(It made me feel kinda old, being around teenagers that were racing. And no I wasn't starstruck by the way considering that they were totally normal teenagers off the racetrack!)

Just one perk of living near Indianapolis during the 500...

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