FAIL: Blondies

The batter looks right....
But 30 minutes later... they were so gooey in the middle, that you'd have to eat it with a spoon.

I did follow the recipe, but I think I learned my lesson! Read reviews BEFORE you start!

As you can tell, we did kinda chip away at it during a BBQ this past weekend. The batter tasted amazing, so honestly - I kinda want an ice cream maker so I could make a Blondie ice cream. Now that sounds great!

NOTE: Generally I don't post my baking failures but because I'm not a very good baker anyway.


Carrie said...

Do you have a recipe you would use for blondie ice cream? That sounds amazingly yummy!

Patty said...

I've been googling for a little bit for a blondie ice cream recipe, but I'm not having much luck! I'll definitely let you know when I have something!

Jenn said...

i don't mind eating blondies with a spoon and from the pan. Looks fun though. I'd be interested in the blondie ice cream, too. can't wait to see what you come up with