Black Bean Quesadilla

Some days my mind is like a blank tortilla. Blank as blank can be. I haven't been too inspired lately, but I'm getting back into the baking mode, which is a good thing considering that I have 10 pounds of flour that I need to use. And lots of sugar too.

But in any case, I have black bean cravings like crazy and while Bimmer Man was studying for his finals, quesadillas were the easiest thing for me to make whilst pining away for my man.

Ok, so maybe not pining because Grey's was on, but still. It's hard to cook for one. Any good cookbooks with meals for two? I would totally buy them...
But I digress. This is a baked quesadilla. I didn't have time for that flipping on the stove crap plus the baking sheet was already out (had someone made a frozen pizza???). So I used it and washed dishes while it baked.

Preheat the oven to 400.

Layer cheese and black beans on top of each other. you can add in salsa, green onions, etc... but I just kept it simple. I don't really care what you put in, mostly because this meal totally reminds me of Rachael Ray (and she probably has made this meal) and she has super easy recipes that you don't feel bad if you swap the ingredients. Or like this recipe from Sandra Lee.
Then top with another tortilla and bake for about 5 minutes on each side.
Cut into 4 sections and eat.

So yes, this is super easy and fun to eat. Maybe good for kids? (I don't have kids)

Enjoy this quick quesadilla!


Joelen said...

Quesadillas - such a great snack and I like this black bean version!

Jenn said...

Love Quesadillas. I never thought of heating it in the oven. Great idea. Less effort in the kitchen!