The Young & The Restless

Do you remember my favorite tv show? The Young & The Restless. I can just hear that booming announcer's voice... it'll be embedded in my memory forever - kind of like the promo for the next day, "Next on The Young & The Restless..." with each different actor and actress announcing it.

You know, there's lots of stuff on the set that I'd like to have - like the paintings in Nick and Phyllis' place or Katherine Chancellor's tea set but I could only find the Crimson Lights mug. I think I have to buy it. If you want it too - you can find it here.

For you fans, do you remember Sheila? By the way - is Sheila really dead and do you think she still looks like Phyllis??? I think this will help with some Y & R memories!

How about this??? The opening from 1998 - 1999??? Victor has silver hair now - I remember how black it was!

In any case, I also want to know what they apparently serve at Crimson Lights besides coffee. From what I can remember when Nick and Sharon had it, there was no kitchen. Just coffee.

Anyone know what's on the menu at the GC Athletic Club too?

Happy Wednesday!

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Jenn said...

I was always more of the Days of Our Lives kind of gal, that is until the stories just got too weird and complicated. Although, what soap is ever not weird and complicated?