so I feel like a kid again!

Check out this height chart! It's totally made for adults, but it's theme is: "I'm as big as..."

How about the average size supermodel? A panda?

BWAHAHAHA!! This is great! Although I have to admit, for $9.99 I think I might have to purchase it. I'm pretty short though, so I'm probably not going to have too many interesting items on my height line!

You can find it at Perpetual Kid and they do free shipping on orders over $75. You'll find lots and lots of other stuff that reminds you of what being a kid is all about, hence the name of the store.



Jenn said...

That's a brilliant idea.

From your profile pic, you don't seem that short. I'd guess 5'4"-5'6". I'm sure there's something interesting for your height. If you want short, take my height, 5' even, so everyone looks like a giant next to me.

McTatty said...

Oh - I've shrunk from 5'4" to 5'2"! I need to take more calcium supplements!