How Much Meat Do You Like?

11 ounces? 18 ounces? One whole pound? 3 pounds of meat? Oops, I mean cow?

I'm not a red meat eater, but it's really for health reasons - the added bonus of people assuming that I'm all against animal cruelty is kinda fun too. I like the question, "So you're an animal activist, then?"

Um. Sure! I can be!

Last night was awesome though.

:::McTatty is whispering::: I think they killed the cow in the back alley. It was that fresh.

And my body shall be punishing me for the next few days. But it was SO GOOD!!! Living in the Midwest is definitely good for something - the cows.

So I did some research. Where does the beef come from around here? Well, um, duh.. farms. Indiana has a Beef Council (but no real info, just recipes which you can find here) which works together to effectively communicate with ranchers and consumers. Hmm... that's a little too technical for me...

So I found this link here - farms by county. And I absolutely adore Local Harvest. You can find local produce farms as well as meats, cheeses, farmer's markets, etc... So, use these tools to your advantage to find the freshest food around! Your taste buds will be pleasantly surprised!

So, on with the story (and the eventual point of this post!)...

Bimmer Man and I had an anniversary yesterday (for you family members reading this, yes, we did get married in a courthouse BEFORE we "got married" in June... It was easier). We celebrated by going to dinner at a local hole in the wall meat market of sorts (thanks for the tulips, Bimmer!).

Janko's Little Zagreb serves your typical Midwestern meal. Meat and potatoes. Small salad. Rolls. Wine (Ok, beer too but I like wine!).

And it's a kitchy restaurant. No suits or ties necessary. The servers wore T-shirts, jeans, sweatpants. It was awesome. If I had to work in the food industry, I'd work there. No uniform.

And I didn't take pictures. Why? Because they would've looked exactly like the ones on the website. But I do have leftovers.

So, the main point of this post -



Nicole said...

My options for left-over steak:
1. Eat it!
2. Beef stroganoff
3. Tacos
4. Stir fry

Sounds like a yummy time. :)

Jenn said...

Happy anniversary to you and Bimmer Man!!

As for those steaks...fajitas!!! Or put it in a quesadilla. Maybe even a steak sandwich. Easy to prepare. ;-)

McTatty said...

Yummm... tacos and quesadillas! Definitely one of those tonight!

Blake said...

Fajitas get my vote too. Or, you could dice it up, saute' it with some diced onions and/or bell peppers and scramble it up with your morning eggs. Yum!