Awesome Kitchen Gadgets

Poach Pods, Set of 2 $8.70 Oh - I really want these. Super easy and very cute. They look like they'd be fabulous for a Sunday brunch or a quick weekday breakfast.

Pepper Grinder $24.98 How cute is this? You just squeeze the ears to grind your pepper. It also comes with matching salt Salt Grinder!

Popcycle Maker $15.99 This takes me back to my childhood - with uneven homemade popcycles made of orange juice, Kool-Aid and lemonade, what could be better than bringing back the homemade popcycle? This time - the stick is flat and even, no more splinters in your lips! Just don't forget the sticks to go with!

Happy Thursday!

Soon to be posting: Bagels, Gnocchi with Tomatoes & Feta, Stuffed Bell Peppers

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Louise McColl Book Club said...

Hey Patty,
Another cool gadget - have you seen the apple slicers - you just push down on an apple with it and it makes perfect slices? Well they make HUGE ones now for melons - cantaloupe and watermelon! Gots to get me one of those!