It's Sandwich... Sandwich Time!!!

So lately, I've been addicted to sandwiches. And they've been with spinach. I love spinach but I bought too much, so I've had to add it to EVERYTHING to use it up. Go figure, try to be healthy, end up eating like a rabbit...
I eat a lot of turkey - this happens to be smoked turkey.
With spinach. (Big surprise, right?)
Now, I don't eat mayo. Really, I don't. I ask about every-single-food-item-in-a-restaurant to make sure it doesn't have mayo (seriously, it's so goopy... it's like eye boogers, only worse!). So what does one do that doesn't eat mayo? Mustard. I put mustard on all of my sandwiches.
Along with 1 slice of swiss cheese and 1 slice of provolone.

Voila! The perfect lunch... with some Cheez-its...

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Talita said...

Yummmm... Sandwich time is the best!