The Google Reader

If you look closely, you'll see that there are a TON of subscriptions in my Google Reader. Some people tend to post more, others don't. And I've cleaned up my RSS feeds, believe it or not.

Generally I use Google Alerts for certain tags like green living, sustainability, cooking, etc... Those are shortened feeds which I only peruse the headlines (peruse... I really like that word). To get to this area of your Reader, click on "Trends" on the left hand side. I think you'll be surprised about who posts the most (Um, hello Perez) and who posts the least (which would be a friend that doesn't have the internet at home).

Mostly, I'm more addicted to iambossy.com, F***MyLife.com (which you can tell that a lot of these people are either in high school or make the shit up), Digital Photography School and my green living tips alerts (Oh, I can't forget Ideal Bite).

I try and go through my Google Reader daily, but sometimes I feel bad about commenting on a blog post that's older than a week. That's because I probably just got to it...

And you wonder why I've been posting randomly... I haven't had time to cook! I've been too enthralled with my Google Reader when I get home from work!

(Though, funny story = last night I made pulled pork and I didn't correct Bimmer Man when he called it chicken. Sorry, Bimmer. I just couldn't help it! You were way too cute!).

So, enjoy the stats!

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