An Era Almost To An End...

I will have Bimmer Man back in 46 days.

Ok, kind of. Then he has to study for the bar.

So I guess I don't really get him back until late August.

Job starts in October - so that leaves me with the month of September.

If your spouse is even thinking about going to Law School, please, go find friends and other activities now. And whatever you do, don't expect them to drop studying just because you broke a nail.

They will find friends in their classes. They will talk about torts, ambulance chasing, tax law and even more boring things than that which you will have no knowledge of (unless you are also in field of law). Trust me, do you really want to know what Professor so-and-so said in their second class of the day? NO. YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE LAW THAT SAYS THAT SOMEONE GETS SOMETHING and blah blah blah.

Instead, embrace and behold the powers of blogging, reading, running, swimming, doggies and family. Learn how to be yourself again. Find online forums. Go shopping. Challenge yourself to read/learn how to play Wii/etc...

Because for the love of sanity, the law never sleeps.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Patty!
Greetings from Shizuoka, Japan!
"Disorganization" is an artful way of living I wouldn't give away for anything!
"Organized" people are boring, predictable, paragonistic!
The only thing I might accept is an organized mess!
Cheers and all that!