Do You Ever Watch TLC or HGTV?

Home Made Simple is a show on one of those networks. And I enjoy it. Sometimes it's super cheesy, but hey, whatever makes you more organized, right? If you click here, this is the archived list of articles which I'm slowly but surely reading.

I need organizing help. And I'm so not afraid to admit it. Only because our house is so small and I don't really have much time to go through everything. Laundry is piled up, dishes are left undone and there's clumps of dog fur on the floor. I'm being brutally honest. And we're leaving for the weekend. Can you believe it? At least I'll wash the dishes....

So this is a great place to start getting some ideas, along with Real Simple. They've changed their website so it's much easier to look at (thank goodness because previous loading times were HORRENDOUS!)

Another good place is flylady.com. 15 minutes a day will take your breath away! (sorry, it's so dang cheesy...).

I'm slowly getting the hang of organizing my clothes after they've been dried in the dryer but hey, I'm just too excited to have a washing machine in the house!

Eh, another day, right? I took Monday off so that I can actually get a hold of my cleaning and cooking! Woo hoo!

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