Simple Frittata Egg Bake Something or Other

I love eggs and I love anything with eggs. Really, I do. So this is THE PERFECT breakfast. And cheese.
And potatoes.
And bacon. Who doesn't love bacon besides vegetarians?
MONSTER loves the kitchen.
Cut bacon into bits and fry up.
Make sure it's nice and crispy.
Take out the bacon and then toss in the chopped SMALL onion.
For healthy people, drain the fat off on a paper towel.
Mm... bright yellow egg yolks. Next time I'd use 4 eggs instead of three.
Mix in the hot sauce and soft cheese (for creaminess)...
Toss the potatoes into the pan and brown them up a bit so they're crispy.
Then add in the egg mixture, bacon bits and top with cheese.
And then put in the oven at 425 and bake for 12 - 15 minutes.
Mmm... all my favorites all in one pan.
Bake until the eggs have set and the cheese is all melty.

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Joelen said...

Looks great and I like making frittatas to use up leftover veggies!