PW's Scrambled Eggs

The MONSTER likes cheese. This is what happens when I make eggs. With cheese. I break off small pieces of cheese for MONSTER and we do some "training" in the kitchen.
Don't blink MONSTER! Good stay...
Do you know what all natural eggs look like?
Beautiful eggs.
I want chickens some day so I don't have to buy eggs at the grocery store. I want to go to my chicken coup and get eggs.
But that means that I have to take care of them and MONSTER can't eat them. The chickens I mean. He likes to chase squirrels so he's probably chase chickens too.
Mmmm... They're so bright and gold.
Feta cheese just to switch it up a bit.
And Kraft American cheese. Singles.
Mix up your eggs with milk.
And pepper.
And contemplate what temp your pan should be at.
Low to medium-low. Gently scramble the eggs. Let the bottom set and pull one side to the other, hence gently scrambling your eggs.
Add both cheeses.
And put some sauce on it.
Then look at your glorious eggs. Yum.
And instead of devouring on the couch like normal, just stand there and eat them.
3 eggs
1 tablespoon evaporated milk (I used 2% milk)
Pinch of salt
1 to 2 tablespoons butter (I used PAM on my pan)
1 slice Extra Thick Velveeta Cheese

Heat small skillet over low to medium-low heat.
Mix eggs, evaporated milk, and salt together until thoroughly combined.
Add butter to skillet, swirl to coat.
Pour in eggs.
Tear cheese into pieces and add to the eggs
Stir eggs gently as they cook.
When cheese is totally melted, eggs are done.

Eat by themselves or serve over toast.

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