My Posts Are Getting Up There...

I'm almost at 250 posts.

Technically I've been blogging since I started college in 2001 got my first computer, but the technology wasn't quite what it is today. So when I started looking for a "Real Job" after I graduated I took it down. And then I never posted and I totally forgot the website where it was hosted.

So for your entertainment, here's old school McTatty. This was even BEFORE I got the nickname McTatty. I was skinny. I had no fat on me. I ran 7 - 10 miles almost daily. And I literally bleached my hair as blonde as I could get it. I was your typical sorostitute. Hmm, maybe my life is more interesting than I think it is...

So my college life is out there, somewhere, in cyber space. Life BEFORE Bimmer Man. OMG, McTatty without Bimmer Man. That's really hard to remember... Ok, not so much. It was more like making out with boys and keggers and quitting the Interior Design Program at the U of MN while working 3 part time jobs. I'm definitely NOT that crazy anymore!

Go figure. I'm seriously that organized that I forget which blog hosting site my super old blog is on. I think it was called an "online diary" even...

In any case - here's some favorite recipes since 2005 (ACK! Yes, really, 2005!!).

Byerly's Wild Rice Soup

Crock Pot Chicken Noodle Soup

Chili - with a Twist (this from when I used to eat red meat, now I don't, just use ground turkey instead)

Fake Snicker's Squares


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Donna-FFW said...

What a fun post to see some past ventures. Loving those fake snickers.