McTatty Randomness

I think that I have a decorating phobia. It's not that I don't want to decorate. Partially we don't have money (but that doesn't mean that I can't shop in my own home) and partially I'm just, well, lazy.

Ok, I've said it. Lazy.

And I have to turn to magazines, blogs, whatever I possible can to get inspiration to decorate.

And the weather. Please Spring, come soon. I'm ready for the sun! But I digress, because I've been so random lately... well, here's some random links to reads if you get bored.

So, all these links are kinda relating to my life at the moment in one way or another. Have fun reading! Sometimes it gets me out of a funk...

Obama's Foreclosure Fix

Decorating the Kitchen from Real Simple

Acorn Birdhouse from Anthropologie $38
Clear Glass Jars from West Elm ($19 & $29)

Eh, I'm in such a random and sluggish mood today. I really do need to cook - maybe salmon tonight?

But I can't forget about my to-do list!


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