Go Vegan. Um, Kind Of.

When I went to Paris, I couldn't NOT go into a Lush store. They were always open and inviting, with fun colors of products and fantabulous names of items that it was hard to just have a quick look. Plus the stores seemed to pop up on every street corner. They smell fantastic, are all natural and have products that everyday people will use. Trust me.


Do you know what a bath bomb is?

They're like Heaven. In a bath tub.

And I like lavender the best because it's soothing, but whatever. The company is Canadian, so you'll notice that there's a lot of french in the names, or at least the french has been translated so in English some of the names read funny. Go figure!

I love sharing all of my fun favorite green companies! They make me happy!

Go green! Oops, I mean go vegan but don't realize you're going vegan!

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