The Tudors Season 2

I love The Tudors. I honestly can't get enough of that show. But to be quite honest - when I find a series that I like it's hard to pry my eyes off the tv. And since I love reading historical fiction, why wouldn't I love watching it? OMG. Love it.

The Tudors - The Complete First Season
The Tudors - The Complete Second Season

It's pretty good - though I do have to say, don't have that high of expectations for the acting. And it doesn't follow historical facts, so don't be surprised if events are left out or if it seems like time periods of wives should be longer. At least there's a few hotties to keep your minds off of the lack of historical facts!

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Katherine said...

I LOVE The Tudors too! I don't get Showtime though, so I have to wait till the DVDs come out or find the episodes on rando websites and watch them...

Yeah, it is pretty inaccurate and it takes a lot of liberties, but I suppose that makes it more dramatic. Although, I would argue the real story has enough drama in it for a series, but I'm not a TV show producer, so I'm probably wrong about that.