Some Link Lovin'

Kowalski's Market in Minneapolis. Oh, man. Do I miss it like crazy! They make the best deli salads I think I've ever had from a grocery store. What I've linked to is their recipe list, mostly because everything on the list is something that I would eat. And I mean everything.

Bimmer Man's favorite Twin Cities grocery store is Byerly's - his favorite soup is shown above. A little nasty to photography, but it tastes like no other. It freezes well (store in individual containers, I use Gladware...). The link goes straight to the recipe, though you'll find that they have so much more to offer than traditional wild rice soup!

Being of finnish descent, I can't quite help NOT shopping at FinnStyle, simply because of Marimekko - cute napkins, placemats, towels, etc... will dot your walls with something fun in the dark depths of Winter.

In Indiana - one can't help but shop at BloomingFoods. It's a co-op. And it's local and it's fabulous. It's deli is amazing - so if you're in Bloomington, Indiana, make a stop at the downtown BloomingFoods for lunch. You'll be pleasantly amazed!

Enjoy all the recipe links!

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