Kraft Food & Family Online Magazine

Oh yes, yes I am posting this link. Sometimes I forget that I don't have to cook "gourmet" all the time and I can just hang out in the kitchen with chicken and vegetables.

Kraft has super easy recipes that can be prepared in minutes, which is why I like receiving their emails. It gives me ideas for later, even if I don't follow the recipes to perfection. I think that when you add your own little twist, it gives you a sense of accomplishment to know that you just made something better. On your own. (Bimmer Man now uses other spices instead of just hot sauce and soy sauce in his taco meat. Makes me proud...)

So enjoy the online magazine and get inspired - not every meal has to take an hour to prepare.

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Shawna said...

I *LOVE* this magazine...it has such great recipes in it!!!! And besides all that, it's FREE....what can be better than that? :)