How Much Is Your Face Worth?

When I went on the cruise for Thanksgiving with Bimmer Man, I quickly realized that my allergies had flared up. So much in fact that my face was poufier than a blow fish and redder than a tomato. So I went to the spa. And got a massage and moisturizer. I'm in love with this moisturizer because it actually works in the dry air of South Central Indiana. And so it should work next year in Minnesota. It was $42 at the spa on Carnival, but trust me - totally worth it!
So, since this year a goal of mine is to curb spending and realize EXACTLY how much I'm spending, I'm going to list out what my face is worth. Scary, eh? (Totally Minnesotan).
Moisturizer: $42
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara from drugstore.com: $4.49
Proactive Repairing Lotion (Ugh, have you seen my forehead lately?): $22.00
Total: $122.74
Plus 6.5% tax: $130.72
That number makes me cringe. At least listing it out makes you realize how much you're spending and where you're spending it.
This time I just can't end with enjoy! Instead, how much is your face worth?

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