Green Your Cooking

I'm pretty eco-friendly. We put out 3 - 4 huge bins of recycling every other week. I buy Tom's of Maine toothpaste. And cloth napkins... But greening your cooking is something else that I'm not really very sure how to do. We have an electric stove. And I HATE to use the rolling dishwasher. So we hand wash the dishes, which does NOT save on water consumption at all.

But at least you can green your cutting board. Try this acacia wood chopping block. Acacia is naturally sustainable, even more so than teak (who knew?). It's $34.98 at Lowe's right now.

Or an even more awesome alternative is THIS cork cutting board from Crate & Barrel. It's on SALE for $19.99. Crate & Barrel also has a green living section of their website. I'm glad commercialism is heading eco-friendly.

Enjoy being green in your kitchen!

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